About Us

Millions of internet users are using online dating every day to meet new people for dating and marriage, and you probably have your own dating site experience. International online dating is particularly popular nowadays, as it allows you to venture beyond your own city or town when you’re looking for a new partner. Your time on a dating site can go a million different ways, but here at mail-bride.net, we know how to make it successful.

Our mission

mail-bride.net was born out of our sheer desire to help people succeed in online dating. When we founded mail-bride.net, we were regular dating site users with plenty of experience in dating online, even though it wasn’t always rewarding. During our time on dating sites, we worked hard to understand how they work and what constitutes a good dating service. And now we are ready to share that information with you.

mail-bride.net is a collection of all kinds of resources about online dating. Here you can find dating site reviews, online dating tips, and guides to different types of women. We also regularly update our materials, so whenever a dating site changes its design or functionality, we will be among the first ones to tell you.

Our business

All the reviews, guides, and tips you can see on mail-bride.net are available for free, and they always will be. We will never charge our users money for access to our materials. However, we also cannot support our website and our team without any money. That is why we work with advertisers to keep our business afloat.

So how does it work? For you, it doesn’t change anything. You are able to read all the reviews and guides you want. We may receive compensation from our partners when you follow the links to their websites. The compensation will never affect the content of our reviews, but it may affect the order in which the services are displayed on our site.

Our approach to reviewing dating sites

We want our readers to get a clear and objective idea about every popular dating service, not just our personal opinion. The reviews on mail-bride.net deal with every aspect of using a dating site and there are several experts, including designers, analysts, and sociologists, who help us craft our reviews. In every review, you will find the following criteria:

  • Look and functionality. Some dating services invest a lot of resources into the design of the site, but not all of them are as diligent. There are services that don’t consider the visual appeal of the site to be important, but they are obviously wrong. We also look at the features offered by the site and whether they are easily accessible.
  • Size and quality of the audience. The number of active users on a dating site is one of its most important parameters since you want to be able to choose from a variety of women. Our reviewers also make sure that the profiles on the site are informative, visually appealing, and that the women on the site give you a good chance of falling in love.
  • Position on the market. The online dating industry is getting oversaturated, and it’s not that easy for a dating service to stand out. Our goal here is to assess the popularity of the site to see whether it has a decent place among its competitors. We use data from analytics by SimilarWeb and Ahrefs, as well as our own findings to see how the users feel about the site.
  • Trustworthiness. A good reputation is essential for a dating site that wants to win the trust of its users. It’s also a complex concept and there are numerous ways to assess it. Our verdicts are based on user testimonials that we collect on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Facebook, Google, and other sites where members can share their honest opinion.
  • Availability of customer support. A reputable dating service cannot function without a customer support system. It should be readily available for the users during regular business hours or even 24/7. Moreover, there should be several ways to contact the support to fit every user’s needs.

Looking for your potential partner online seems like a fun and entertaining activity, but there are actually plenty of things that can go wrong. Luckily, you can avoid most of the problems when you choose the right dating site for your needs. Browse the reviews on mail-bride.net and you will easily make the correct choice no matter who you want to meet.