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Asian Mail Order Brides: How and Where to Get an Asian Bride?

Asian Mail Order Brides: How and Where to Get an Asian Bride?

Asian mail order brides – exotic women from the East Globe who seek foreign partners with the help of mail order bride services and agencies. Alluring and elegant, mail order brides Asian girls often make many men go crazy about them. 

If Asian beauty also mesmerizes you, we offer to read our comprehensive guide, which uncovers the Asian mail order bride prices, highlights the features of these ladies, and provides insightful comments from our dating experts.

Looking Marriage Mail Order Asian Brides Sites 2024

  • Excellent feature set for the money
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  • Multiple perks for novice users
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  • Get 20 credits as a newcomer
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  • Convenient messaging options
  • Occasional pop-ups distract attention
  • No video means of communication
  • Feature-rich site with modest prices
  • Easy navigation
  • Free access to ladies’ photos
  • Advanced features are hidden behind payment
  • No video chat option
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  • Active ladies ready for romantic communication
  • Neat and feature-rich interface
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Why Do Asian Women Become Mail Order Brides? 

Asian mail order brides are women who purposely register on mail order bride platforms to find a foreign husband. Usually, these ladies are in their 20s and come from developing areas, seeking a better life with an overseas spouse. 

Although the better life conditions, which a marriage with a foreign spouse from a developed country offers, are one of the obvious reasons for these ladies to join mail order bride websites, we found other goals which these ladies pursue: 

  • romantic drive: many Asian girls simply don’t find like-minded partners among local men and thus decide to partner out of their race or nation.
  • practicality: some girls, seeing that the number of males is lower than females in their country, think that a foreign spouse is a better option to become happy in relationships. 
  • normalization of mixed relationships: sometimes, there is no reason for an Asian woman to marry a foreign other than it’s just normal for her. However, it usually applies to more progressive countries like China or Japan. 
  • search for exoticness: mail order bride Asian ladies are also driven by the desire to learn the unknown and alien. In some countries, like Japan, for example, the paleness of white men is considered sexy and makes local girls seek such men for marriage.

Back in the 1960s, there were only 3% of interracial marriages in the USA, while today, it reaches 20%, according to the Gallup Polling. It’s connected with the increasing number of immigrants, among which, Asians make up 28%. Thus, in 2015, among the intermarriages, 15% were between White and Asian spouses, as the same resource says, which speaks for the high popularity of Asian brides among American men. 

What about specific countries? 

Main Facts about Typical Asian Bride Online

Before ordering Asian girls for sale, we recommend looking at these short basic facts about females from the Asian region.

  • Mail order Asian brides come to the marriage decision not at a very young age: the mean age for marriage in this region is around 26-27 years. 
  • Fertility levels are different in different Asian parts. The lowest rate is in East Asia, while the highest is in South and Central Asia. Yet, the approximate figure is 2.07 births per woman. 
  • The crude divorce rate is rising in this region, but not too high, making around 2 divorces per 1000 married couples. 

Usually, when men encounter the phrases “Asian women for sale” or “buy an Asian bride”, they think of slavery and human trafficking. However, these phrases are normal in the mail order bride dating industry and mean investing in dating sites with Asian brides – sources created to make international dating easier. And who said that partnering with an Asian for marriage is not legal? 

Surely, when you find an Asian wife and want to bring her to your home country, you should pass specific procedures to make your marriage legal. As for the USA, your lady must apply for a K-1 visa, which will enable her to come to the States as your fiancee and stay there for 90 days to get married to you. This visa will include some requirements and steps like checking your background to make sure you won’t abuse your partner and having at least one real-life meeting within the past two years. You will also have to submit a Form I-134, Affidavit of Support, to prove you can financially support your new-coming spouse. You can find more extended information on the K-1 visa process on the U.S. DEPARTMENT of STATE — BUREAU of CONSULAR AFFAIRS page.

Also, each girl, including your future Asian bride, is introduced to the IMBRA pamphlet, which enlists the rights and services available to them as victims of abuse. 

Do Asian Ladies for Marriage Make Good Wives? 

Surely, Asian women might have cons, which other female representatives don’t, and thus not fit specific tastes. Yet, when analyzing the successful stories of marriages between American guys and Asian women, we defined features for which these exotic ladies earn the title of the best wives for foreign spouses. 

  • The first thing a lot of males reported as an excellent feature of a wife role Asian women have is their calmness and respectful manner of speaking. Men, by their nature, are more reserved in expressing feelings and don’t understand women being too emotional – and choosing Asian women will save them from drama.
  • Secondly, Asian ladies are one of the most hardworking women in the world due to the culture of job ethics in this region. They eagerly go to work, trying to provide something for the family.
  • Asian mail order brides are reported to be more culturally open than other race females. This makes them easier to get along with –  they will be more tolerant of differences between you and their mentalities. 
  • It’s worth mentioning the femininity Asian ladies possess, especially Japanese brides. They belong to those rare types of females who preserve their physical and spiritual elegance even when they are in marriage for a long time. 
  • Last but not least –  Asian women are loyal. In many Asian cultures, the concept of a one-life partner is very much common. Moreover, oftentimes, Asian ladies ask for parental approval from their partners, which means they don’t play around and focus on one man. 

“When I began my dating Asian women online journey, I didn’t think it would be so exciting. After several weeks of chatting with Asian girls, I finally met one who perfectly shared my worldview. We both were “quiet souls” who preferred calm activities and dating without rush, which was the most important for me. We have been together for 2 years now, and I am thinking of proposing to her.”

Why Not Marry an Asian Mail Order Bride? 

Asian mail order brides are not as ideal as they may seem, having features that for some men may be huge NOs. 

Firstly, these women, due to their calm demeanor, are not very keen on going on adventures. We wouldn’t call them homebodies, but they like spending time at home or in the family/friends circles, not doing many outdoor activities. 

And secondly, with great understanding comes some demands, namely, Asian women often expect their foreign spouses to learn about their cultures and languages. Oftentimes, the majority of house rules in such mixed relationships come from Asian spouses, too, which you might not enjoy.

What Is the Asian Mail Order Bride Cost?

Understandably, you can’t just “buy” an Asian wife like a toy. However, Asian brides to marry do have their cost, which may vary depending on the country of origin of your girl and your money-savvy mind and generosity. We made a checklist of the main expenses you will face on your Asian mail order wife journey. Mark the ones you already did!

  • First of all, the Asian bride price includes the fees for international dating sites you use for encountering your exotic beauty. Although each Asian bride online platform has its price tags for their services, we counted that the overall cost for a month is around $300-$400. This fee often includes all the interaction tools available on the Asian dating site (text, phone, video, and media exchange) and additional fees like incognito mode, priority search, and so on (they may differ on different websites).
  • Secondly, Asian brides prices imply paying for a trip to your Asian girl. Airfare (from $500 for a one-way ticket), accommodation (around $100-$150 per night at a decent hotel), food ($200 for a week), entertainment, and gifts (price depends) – all of these can be pretty expensive, reaching up to $4000 for a two-week trip, and you will have to plan your real-life meeting wisely.
  • Thirdly, as we mentioned before, you will have to pay for the visa expenses of your Asian order bride when you decide to bring her to the US as your fianceе. The visa Asian mail order bride cost can reach up to $2050. 
  • Lastly, the wedding with your Asian girlfriend. It will be the most expensive investment: in the USA, the average price for a wedding ceremony is around $30000-$40000, while marrying Chinese women in their homeland is much lower – $25,000 maximum.

How to Find an Asian Mail Order Bride? 

An average Western guy like you has many options for finding Asian girls for marriage, both virtually and conventionally. One of the guys, looking for Asian wife, addressed our lead dating expert, Tom, to help him suggest methods of encountering a soulmate.

How do I find Asian mail brides offline?

The best decision for a fruitful offline search of Asian women for marriage is to go to Asian countries because you will meet the desired candidates there. The top city spots for dating in each country are different. For example, in Japan, it’s Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka, while in South Korea, it’s Seoul, Incheon, and Busan. 

Surely, not everyone can afford to spend several weeks or months in top Asian countries, but, you can save your money by applying for some cultural exchanges or job/volunteer projects, which can partially cover some of your expenses like accommodation, for example. 

But what if I don’t have resources for overseas travel?

Another conventional way of meeting Asian ladies for marriage offline is to consider events/gatherings in your area. If there are a lot of Asians living in your town/city, they probably often organize events, which you can also join and meet a soulmate there. 

In addition, you can take advantage of the language courses with native speakers and allure some pretty Asian teachers there. 

And what about online dating?

Meeting Asian brides online is much more effective than traditional encountering because it’s quicker and less expensive. For dating on the site, you can register on specialized platforms, which provide space for encountering international romantic partners. However, they are not free, as you understand.

You mean, dating sites like Tinder?

Well, not exactly this. You should not confuse dating platforms and mail order bride sites. The first ones are created to help people find a date, both casual and long-term, while mail order bride sites focus on marriage purposes. Also, mail order bride services are often divided into race categories, so you should check in advance if the potential service helps to find an Asian bride.

Are there free online dating options, and are they effective?

There is a free method to find a future Asian girl, like social media which has plenty of profiles with women from Asian countries. However, I would not recommend this way because it’s not very effective. They don’t provide appropriate filters necessary for a mail order Asian bride search (for example, on appearance, education, religion, habits, etc). Also, the number of fake profiles there is huge! I don’t say that there are no scam accounts on dating websites, but they are actively monitored and banned, while on social media, nobody pays attention to them. 

What Asian Countries Are the Best for Encountering a Potential Bride? 

We think that Asian women from each country have special features that can make men fight for their attention. Although Asia counts 48 countries today, not all of them are popular for mail order Asian brides search. Why is it like this? We suppose it developed so historically. Also, it’s because of the economic level of countries – usually, foreign men come to those countries, which have good economic development and better safety conditions.    

Let’s look at the best spots: 


How do ladies look? 

fair skin, almond-shaped eyes, thick black hair, petite figures, natural makeup

What are they like? 

Chinese brides are known for their politeness and hardworking nature. Also, these females emphasize their education and personal development. 

🌴The Philippines

How do ladies look? 

light to dark brown skin tone, black or dark brown hair, defined jawline, not very tall

What are they like? 

If you want to have a warm-hearted person by your side, look for Filipino brides. These Asian ladies possess a strong sense of loyalty and inner life enthusiasm, being also independent and hard-working. 


How do ladies look? 

tan skin, almond-shaped eyes of black color, black hair, delicate facial structures, curved waist

What are they like? 

A lot of Western men admire Vietnamese brides for their hospitality, supporting nature, and creativity. Moreover, Vietnamese women have a resilient spirit which helps them conquer obstacles with resilience and make wise life decisions. 


How do ladies look? 

“baby-like face”, dark almond-shaped eyes, dark hair, slender silhouettes, not very tall 

What are they like? 

Empathy and faithfulness are the most popular features foreign men name when talking about Japanese brides. In addition, these women are very respectful, tech-savvy, and individualistic. 

“We would also say that Korean brides and ladies from Thailand are very popular mail order bride search options because of their similarity to the girls listed above, while Indian brides or women from Bangladesh or Pakistan are not often chosen simply because of lower safety situations in these lands.”

Tips on Dating Asian Women for Marriage

You should find a unique approach to each person if you want to make them like you. And to conquer Asian male order brides you should do the same. However, our experts, working in this niche, defined several hacks to make Asian order brides fall in love with you. 

  1. Start by making an attractive account📸

If you look for Asian mail order brides online, you need to make an effort to make a good first impression on them through your profile biography and picture. The biography must be catchy, containing a personal story and elegant jokes. However, never include stereotypes of fetishization in your self-summary – you will simply push women away. Profile photos must be of a good quality, but not passport-like as it looks a bit out of dating platform style. 

  1. Be active💬

Asian online brides actively use dating websites and pay attention to the activity of potential partners. That’s why, to make Asian singles notice you, try to regularly post your photos, thoughts, achievements (it will also show you are a versatile personality) and approach your favorite girls. However, we recommend writing to as many Indonesian brides as possible, not only the favorite ones, to boost your chances of catching a fish. 

  1. Show your interest 💑

For mail order Asian brides, it’s important to see their foreign partners are interested in their cultures. When chatting with your lady, ask questions about the local traditions or ask her to teach you her language. Being respectful of the topic of parents is also important because, in Asian culture, family plays a very important role. Also, never refuses to try the national dishes of her girl’s homeland because it would be considered rude. 

  1. Be mindful of the dating etiquette🤵

The dating etiquette in Asian countries differs from the Western culture. The most distinct features are parental approval, which many people ask when they want to date someone, and no public displays of affection, which in the majority of Asian regions are considered inappropriate. 

  1. Show gentleman chivalry🌹

Asian ladies really like it when men behave like men, making compliments and presenting meaningful gifts, especially those connected to anniversaries. Also, in Asian culture, it’s a man’s task to pay for dates, so, keep it in mind. 

Final Thoughts
Calantha Quinlan

If you seek international relationships, I’d definitely recommend making an Asian wife mail order”, let’s say. These women possess qualities which, as my experience shows, almost all men seek – elegance, politeness, and alluring inner wisdom. To conquer such a girl, you should be genuine and interested in her, following other chivalry tips our team showed you. You can try popular Asian mail order sources without a hint of doubt because these women are their usual users

“If you seek international relationships, I’d definitely recommend making an Asian wife mail order”, let’s say. These women possess qualities which, as my experience shows, almost all men seek – elegance, politeness, and alluring inner wisdom. To conquer such a girl, you should be genuine and interested in her, following other chivalry tips our team showed you. You can try popular Asian mail order sources without a hint of doubt because these women are their usual users.”

Calantha Quinlan is a distinguished psychologist and dating expert, renowned for her insightful contributions to Mail-Bride.com. With a rich academic background from UC Berkeley and Stanford University, she specializes in the psychology of relationships and dating dynamics. Calantha's work, characterized by its empathetic and informative nature, provides valuable guidance to those navigating the complex world of international dating. Her expertise in evaluating dating sites and understanding the diverse perspectives of mail order brides has made her a respected voice in the field.