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Mail Order Bride Cost in 2024: Everything That’s Included

Mail Order Bride Cost in 2024: Everything That’s Included

The opportunity to legally and safely get a mail order bride is, without a doubt, exciting for thousands of men. A mail order spouse is someone who meets all of your criteria in terms of a perfect partner, appreciates and loves you, and is grateful for everything that you do for her.

And, even though you cannot buy a mail order bride, there is still a financial aspect to take into account when you find a mail order wife. So, what is the mail order bride cost in 2024 and what kind of expenses will you face when you buy a wife? Find out all about the cost for a mail order bride right now!

Best sites to meet foreign womenSofiaDate, SakuraDate, La Date, UkraineBride4you, GoldenBride
Top 5 countries with mail order bridesUkraine, China, The Philippines, Russia, Mexica
Average cost of a bride$3,000-$8,000
What’s included in the priceOnline dating, plane tickets, accommodations, food, entertainment, transportation, gifts
Success rate of mail order marriages80%

Understanding the Mail Order Bride Pricing Structure

It’s difficult to calculate the average cost of a mail order bride because this cost is never fixed. It contains different types of expenses, and the overall price of a bride ranges from $3,000 to over $8,000. Let’s take a closer look at the expenses that the average mail order bride price consists of.

Online Expenses

Your journey to meet a foreign bride will start online, so we’ll start here as well. While you can sign up and browse the profiles for free, different dating sites employ different monetary methods to maintain the website and offer better security and support: 

  • Premium membership. This option can unlock some advanced perks and certain communication features, or even all of them, in the case of some websites.
  • Credits. This is a common form of in-site currency that can be spent on things like chat, mail, virtual and real gifts, exchanging photos and videos, and so on.
  • A combination of both. When the site uses a mixed model for paid services, you can typically get some functionality with a Premium membership and then use credits as you need to develop relationships with women.

On average, men spend from $50 to $300 per month on dating online. This does not include costly real gifts like smartphones, perfume, or Lego sets for the bride’s kids.

Offline Expenses

After developing an online relationship, it’s time to move things offline. In the absolute majority of cases, it’s the guy visiting the lady, not the other way around. When planning your trip to meet your bride, you’ll need to take care of the following expenses:

  • Plane tickets to and from the target country
  • Accommodation: hotel room, Airbnb, or a rental apartment
  • Transportation: this can be taxis, public transportation, or renting a car
  • Food: street food, restaurants, coffee, and so on
  • Entertainment: museums, nightclubs, art galleries, tours, and anything you and your bride may want to visit
  • Gifts: primarily for your bride, but also potentially for her parents, in case you get to meet them
Mail Order Bride Cost

Why Meeting Women Online Is More Affordable?

When considering the average cost of mail order brides, men can sometimes get the idea that it’s cheaper to date in real life, as it’s what they are used to. However, if you take the time to compare the cost to get a mail order wife and the cost of dating in real life to find a permanent partner or a spouse, the comparison will reveal that it’s much more financially sensible to date online. Here is why:

Online Dating is Faster

When you have a list of features you want to see in a future partner and all the opportunities you need to get to know someone, you can decide to move the relationship to the next level in just a few months. Offline dating can take you years to find the right person.

Online Dating Requires Less Upfront Investment

All you need to do to start dating online is choose a site and create an account for free. Many sites don’t even have paid membership, so you only need credits for advanced features, and you can pay as you go. To start dating IRL, you may need to upgrade your wardrobe, hit the gym, get a new car, and otherwise spend money to make yourself more eligible.

Online Dating Is Cheaper in the Long Run

Going on dates and events for singles week after week is not only exhausting but also costs at least $50-$100 per date. With online dating, even being a regular user doesn’t cost nearly as much, so your day-to-day expenses will be noticeably lower.

Average Mail Order Bride Costs in Different Countries

There are many factors affecting the cost of the mail order spouse. Depending on the country, the price of a mail order bride can increase by a few thousand dollars or get lower than you originally anticipated. So, how much are mail order wives in different parts of the world? We have selected the most popular destinations with mail order brides and explained how the location can affect the total cost of a mail order bride.

Asian Mail Order Brides Cost

Most Asian countries are not expensive to travel to, except for plane tickets, so your travel costs can be lower than average. This does not include the most developed Asian countries like Japan and South Korea, which are pretty expensive for foreign visitors. When going to countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, on the other hand, you can save up to $1,000 on travel expenses.

When it comes to dating Asian mail order brides, you should know that they like to take things slow and get to know someone before taking things to the next level. So, instead of the average of 6-9 months of online dating, it takes closer to a year to become a couple in real life. Therefore, you can expect to spend more on sustaining your communication.

Russian Mail Order Wife Cost

Russia can be rather expensive for a foreign tourist, especially when you’re going to major tourist cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Sochi. Unless you are prepared to live in a hostel and want to rent a nice hotel room instead, your accommodation costs can be higher than you anticipate. Fancy restaurants in Russia are also surprisingly costly, so if you frequently take your bride on dinner dates, you can expect a higher food budget as well.

Most Russian brides like to communicate with men via letters instead of chats, so you may end up realizing that online communication with them is not as expensive as with other ethnicities of brides. However, when visiting your bride in Russia, you will likely also meet her family. And since it’s considered rude in Russia to visit someone empty-handed, you’re going to have a separate budget for gifts.

Ukrainian Mail Order Bride Cost

Ukraine is the undisputed gem of Europe for Western tourists, and it’s not just because of its many attractions, but also because it’s very affordable compared to other European countries. A high-end trip to Ukraine will cost you just around $2,000 for a week with all expenses included for you and the bride. So, at least in terms of traveling, a Ukrainian bride is usually a cheap mail order bride.

Now, let’s move on to the aspect of dating. A Ukrainian bride will gladly chat or video chat with you to get to know you better, or exchange mail to hear your stories and tell her own. However, Ukrainian brides are some of the most popular foreign women online, and a typical bride usually has several admirers. If you want to stand out, you may need to occasionally send her virtual or even real gifts. This can add an extra $50-$200 to your monthly online dating budget.

Latin Mail Order Wife Cost

Latin America is a great place for foreign visitors: it’s a place where you can live and dine like a king for a fraction of the price you would pay for the same level of service in the US, Canada, or Australia. This means you can visit your Latina bride for a longer period for the same amount of money, or simply spend less on the trip.

As for the online dating period, we have found that Latina brides are insatiable when it comes to talking to someone they love. They can spend hours every day chatting to their significant other and they don’t grow tired of it. If you want your relationship to develop quickly, you may need to invest extra money in credits and extra time in chatting, so that you end up creating a strong bond with your dream woman.

Mail Order Bride Cost

Factors Influencing Mail Order Wife Prices

By now, you probably understand why there is no fixed price for a bride and the price of mail order brides depends on where your mail order bride is located and the cost of living in that country. However, location is not the only factor that the cost of a mail order bride depends on. Here are other factors that affect the prices of mail order wives.

Your Dating Preferences

When you join popular mail order bride platforms, you will probably see many women who match your preferences. However, whether or not you choose to contact them all at once will impact the amount of money you spend. Similarly, chatting for hours every day is more expensive than exchanging a couple of letters a day.

Your Bride’s Lifestyle

Some women are happy with just talking to their significant other every day. Others need you to step up your dating time — for example, by sending her gifts or even money to maintain her lifestyle. Catering to your bride’s needs regularly is going to require more money.

Your Wedding Plans

Your mail order bride expenses will include the cost of a wedding. But how much does it cost to get married in the US in 2024? A modern wedding can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $30,000 and beyond. It’s safe to say that the sky is the limit here, but an extravagant wedding will significantly drive up your expenses.

How to Save Money on Finding a Bride?

The cost of a mail order bride can vary greatly, and while it usually remains affordable, most men don’t want to overpay when looking for a bride. Here is how to get the lowest mail order wife cost without sacrificing the success of your relationship.

Choose Your Matches Wisely

A typical mail order bride site charges you in credits for every minute of chat or every letter you send. This is why having too many conversation partners at once can end up being quite expensive. Narrow down your selection to spend less on the same quality of online dating.

Plan Your Trip to See the Bride Well

When meeting a foreign woman online and having a marriage on your mind, you will need to visit her at least once before you get married. The trip price depends on not only where you’re going, but also how much in advance you plan the trip. Early birds get the lowest ticket and hotel prices!

Cut Down on Unnecessary Spending

Very often, a man trying to impress a beautiful woman will spend more than he originally planned. This is especially true for virtual and real gifts, as well as things like chat stickers. Sending one every once in a while is fine, but using these options every day will significantly increase your budget.

When talking about the cost of finding mail order brides, we mostly talk about paid mail order sites because, in our experience, you can easily find a top mail order bride using a paid mail order bride website. However, free dating sites promising you a chance to find the cheapest mail order bride still exist. But are they a good choice for finding a mail order bride? We don’t think they are, and here are a few reasons why.

Free Dating Sites are Riddled with Ads

Browsing them for a long time becomes a challenge, and so does chatting every day. Everywhere you click, you are surrounded by distracting animations, flashy graphics, and annoying ads.

Free Sites Offer Limited Support

A typical mail order bride platform has customer support available to all users at all times. A free dating site, on the other hand, may have no support system at all or just an email address and take ages to reply.

Free Dating Sites Have Fake Profiles

One of the biggest issues with free dating websites is that they usually have no profile verification systems. It means that anyone can create a fake account and try and scam other users.

Mail Order Bride Cost

Real Stories, Real Costs: Success Stories from Foreign Bride

As probably the best mail order bride resource available, we know all about the cost of a mail order bride and what’s included in it. By now, we’ve shared a lot of valuable information on the cost to buy a wife from abroad. However, learning about someone’s real-life experience is the most effective way to truly understand the cost of mail order spouses. Luckily, our chief editor has a friend who married a foreign mail order bride earlier this year. He agreed to share the mail order bride price he ended up paying. These are the highlights of his story:

I knew for years that I wanted a Filipino wife, but since I’ve never been there and couldn’t afford to move there permanently, the decision to mail order a bride was a natural one for me. I did my research and joined a mail order bride service that had a solid reputation and rather affordable prices compared to other sites for finding a mail order bride online.

The site did not require any upfront payment or membership fees. I browsed for a while and found two girls I wanted to message. This is where I bought my first 20 credits for $2.99. I quickly settled on just one girl. We chatted every day and video chatted once or twice a week. I also sent her gifts for holidays or our little anniversaries. Overall, we spoke online for nine months and I ended up paying about $900 in credits.

After nine months, I felt like it was time to meet in real life. I got my bride’s permission and started planning my trip to the Philippines. I spent ten days with her in Manila, which cost me around $2,000. This included tickets to and from Manila, an Airbnb, street food and restaurants, renting a car, and going on dates with my girlfriend.

I proposed to her on my last day in Manila and went home. She said yes and we talked on the phone every day, so it didn’t cost me anything. I helped her apply for a K-1 visa and we had to wait for about a year for it to be approved. The visa and immigration lawyer fees cost me almost $2,000.

Our wedding ceremony was very simple. It was a small courthouse wedding. Together with the outfits, it cost me less than $2,000. All in all, my mail order wife price ended up being less than $7,000, which is a pretty good deal.


There are now many mail order brides for every preference and taste. However, the joy of finding your ideal partner quickly and safely comes at a price. The good news is that the total mail order bride price is still lower than the cost of meeting a foreign bride in real life. Your investment into the cost of mail order spouse will give you the wife you’ve always dreamed of, and that’s more important than the exact mail order bride cost.

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