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Chinese Mail Order Brides—Embark On a New Love Story Online 

Chinese Mail Order Brides—Embark On a New Love Story Online 

Chinese mail brides possess a unique blend of confidence and strength, independence, and open-mindedness. Simultaneously, they maintain a traditional, caring, and obedient approach to relationships. Being intelligent, beautiful, and stunningly hot, they are the root of desire for numerous Western men. Unfortunately, a lot of potential love hunters have no idea how to find a Chinese wife. That is where you should scroll down to discover more. We compiled all the information related to international dating and marriage with mail order brides from China, so you can start your romance endeavors with no strain. 

  • Excellent feature set for the money
  • A large pool of Asian singles with verified accounts
  • Multiple perks for novice users
  • All messaging tools require payment
  • Not many payment options
  • Get 20 credits as a newcomer
  • Enjoy communication with real ladies
  • Feature-rich chat to build connections with ladies
  • Sending messages requires credits
  • Pop-up messages may seem destructive
  • Excellent special offer of 35 credits for a discounted price
  • A large catalog of seductive ladies
  • Convenient messaging options
  • Occasional pop-ups distract attention
  • No video means of communication
  • Feature-rich site with modest prices
  • Easy navigation
  • Free access to ladies’ photos
  • Advanced features are hidden behind payment
  • No video chat option
  • A wow offer of 20 complimentary credits
  • Active ladies ready for romantic communication
  • Neat and feature-rich interface
  • Chatting is paid
  • A few payment options
🏙️ Popular Chinese cities to meet bridesShanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, and Tianjin
⌛Average age of Chinese wives29
😍Top traitsObedience, radiant youthfulness, and expansive mindset
💰 Average cost of Chinese brides for marriage$9,000-$10,000
❤️ Top site to meet a Chinese bride onlineSakuraDate

Who Are Chinese Mail Order Brides?

Have you ever heard about the concept of a Chinese mail order bride but still don’t have a clear understanding of who these women are? Chinese brides for sale are single women who prefer online means of communication to search for romantic acquaintances. 

These ladies provide their personal information to mail order bride sites so that their accounts appear online. Chinese women for marriage upload their photos, create posts, and chat with men online to open new horizons in dating and find their soulmates. Why do these women become mail order brides? There are several reasons for that. While some ladies want to open new opportunities in dating, others aren’t satisfied with the local dating scene. 

You may come across the notion of “buy a Chinese wife.”. Despite the advances in the modern digital realm, it is impossible to buy a bride since mail order bride websites aren’t about human trafficking. This concept implies investing in your dating experience by paying for the services available on a particular dating platform. It is possible to develop a relationship with a Chinese lady not only online. When you find a compatible partner, you can visit her country to get to know each other better and interact closer. 

Suffice it to say, that all Chinese mail order wives who create accounts on dedicated websites are highly motivated to build serious relationships with foreigners. Therefore, you can save much time and effort during your courtship since winning the hearts of mail order brides is easier compared to traditional dating. 

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Why Are Chinese Mail Order Brides Better than American Partners?

We’ve browsed numerous forums, including Quora, to find our real opinions about the difference between Chinese and American brides. Who better suits American men? Let’s compare both nations based on the same factors. And, remember, it’s only up to you to decide whether beautiful Chinese women are better than their American counterparts. 

  • Approach to family. While American women mainly focus on their careers and only then on partners, Asian mail order brides always put their families first, and Chinese ladies are no exception. Even though many ladies from China have brilliant careers, they always devote enough attention to their significant others. 
  • Appearance. A typical modern Chinese woman looks stylish and neat and boasts a youthful appearance and vigorous visage. These ladies appear slender and exotic, which arouses a special interest in men. American women are ordinary for local men. They often don’t care how they appear in public and don’t put sufficient effort into maintaining their beauty. 
  • Household chores. Chinese girls for marriage are known as excellent housewives. It is in their blood to keep everything in order and clean and care about family well-being. American ladies tend to share household duties with their partners or delegate these tasks to professionals. 
  • The way they express their emotions. Hot Chinese brides are open to their flaws. They value sincerity and are usually straightforward with their partners. American girls tend to prove their case and defend it in debates and discussions, often being cunning rather than honest.
  • Loyalty. Chinese dating culture is focused on faithfulness and mutual understanding. Local women choose one partner to share their hearts and souls. Based on the research, 4.5% of Chinese women have another partner while being committed. On the contrary, the Institute for Family Studies (IFS) reports that 13% of American women cheat on their partners. 
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Is It Possible to Find a Chinese Bride Online? 

Each love-seeker has a high chance of finding a Chinese wife online thanks to online dating. Nowadays, online dating services deliver effective and safe experiences for their users. Once you approach a reliable platform, you will have the opportunity to meet a Chinese bride in a matter of several clicks. 

Based on the relevant statistics, 35% of females from China are registered on online dating platforms. About 40,000 Chinese wives register marriages with foreigners every year, and around 14% of local females are married to American men. Do you know that the majority of these marriages have their roots on mail order brides online sites? Indeed, there is a high possibility to marry Chinese women. All you need to do is find a reliable online dating site. 

Since the modern dating sphere seems to be overcrowded, it may be tricky to find a reputable platform to meet Chinese brides. SakuraDate is one of the most trusted services nowadays. Our team tested and proved its features, so we can recommend it to our readers as a feature-rich, safe, and effective mail order bride Chinese website. 

How Much Does It Cost to Find a Chinese Mail Order Bride?

The Chinese mail order bride cost is an important factor to take into account at the very beginning of your online dating experience. It is worth mentioning that you will have both online and offline expenses. So, which way to find a Chinese mail order bride is more budget-friendly, and what is the cost of online dating?

Let’s assume you are engaged in SakuraDate dating. How much would you spend on this Chinese mail order wife website per month? To start with, it is necessary to deposit your account. You can pick one of the credit packages on SakuraDate. 

35 credits
$ 12.99
50 credits
$ 19
100 credits
$ 33
250 credits
$ 75
400 credits
$ 100
1000 credits
$ 200

When it comes to prices for the services, you may have the following expenses while interacting with mail order Chinese brides. 

  • “Say Hello” feature — 2 credits
  • Likes — 2 credits
  • Live chat — 20 credits per 10 minutes
  • Exchanging photos — 10 credits/one
  • Exchanging videos — 25 credits/one
  • Letter — 20 credits
  • Winks in a chat — 2 credits
  • Stickers in a live chat — 5 credits/one

So, if you want to actively communicate with your Chinese mail order bride online, you will need to spend around $200 per month. Suffice it to say, it is a rather reasonable way to find your soulmate since frequent visits to China imply more substantial expenses. 

  • A round trip (flight tickets) — $1,700 
  • Accommodation — $1,400 for a two-week vacation 
  • Taxi services — $250 for a two-week vacation
  • Entertainment — $600
  • Food and restaurants — $300

How to Avoid Being Scammed When Looking for a Chinese Bride?

In the present time, men seeking love online should be vigilant about potential pitfalls that may arise during their online dating journey. Based on the relevant survey, scammers come up with numerous tricks to lure money from gullible users. That is why it is necessary to be cautious, even if you use the services of the best Asian dating sites. Keep these tips at hand to avoid scammers among Asian brides online.

  • Use the services of only reliable platforms. Our team tested numerous mail order brides legal platforms and gave relevant verdicts about the features and security measures they offer. We recommend only the best websites to meet Chinese women, so you can rely on our reviews. 
  • Don’t send money to anyone, even if you think that you are close. Scammers tend to gain the trust of potential victims and then ask for money transfers. The favorite lies of scammers are that they are in the military or have an emergency. They manipulate love-seekers into providing financial assistance, so be cautious. 
  • Think twice about what you show up in front of the webcam. Video sessions with single Chinese ladies may be exciting. However, it is advisable not to appear nude in front of the webcam since you may become a victim of blackmail. Again, it is necessary to approach reputable Chinese dating sites that don’t allow for recording video chats. 
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Are the Girls on the Chinese Bride Websites Real?

It goes without saying that you want to meet only real Chinese ladies on dedicated platforms. Numerous men hesitate about whether it is possible to find a real Asian bride online. So, let’s go into detail to find out the actual prospects of finding a Chinese woman and transforming this experience into real life. 

The best dating sites offer a slew of features that are aimed at connecting like-minded people, assisting them in flirting and creating more meaningful connections. If you approach a trusted platform to encounter Chinese brides online, you may be sure that you are communicating with real people. 

All Chinese mail order bride websites with high credibility in the industry ask newly joined girls to provide their ideas and identify their marital status. So, no matter how many Chinese women you communicate with on dating sites, you can be sure about the authenticity of their accounts.


You will never meet Chinese mail order brides until you take action. These ladies adore American men and are all about building a romantic connection with them. The vast majority of ladies are ready to create a family with foreigners, so you will definitely find a perfect Asian woman online regardless of your dating goals. Choose one of the reputable Chinese mail order bride websites and don’t delay your happiness. Make the first move and build your happy love story right off the bat. 

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