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Why Are Foreign Women Looking for Marriage With American Men?

Why Are Foreign Women Looking for Marriage With American Men?

I’m sure you, an American man are yearning to meet a stunning female from South America or Europe. I’ve got awesome news for you, beautiful foreign brides aspire to engage with foreign males. They have their profound reasons including the inappropriate behavior from the local men as well as the search for better life opportunities.

If you’re looking for a bride from another country your chances are valid and high enough since online dating platforms are designed to join international partners. Ergo, many women for marriage use them thoughtfully and end up marrying perfect Western men. 

What Makes American Men Attractive to Foreign Women?

Let’s face it, single foreign women are craving to meet Americans as the US males have all it takes to become ideal life partners. Here are the top four reasons making American guys alluring to mail order women. 

  1. Better life quality in the United States. Americans are satisfied with their life quality, their jobs, and general norms. The statistics demonstrate that 88% of people admit to being fully satisfied with their life in the United States. Ergo, while Americans are more satisfied they become more able to set up their own goals, become independent, and more open-minded. 
  2. American men who want to meet foreign women look for partnerships and not mommy-son relationships. A lot of foreign ladies for marriage faced the gender roles attributed to them since childhood. It evoked the general infantile behavior of the local guys who desire to marry a housemaid instead of an actual woman. Americans win in this case as they rarely seek out this unhealthy relationship. Instead, they’re ready to divide responsibilities equally, endorse the desire of their wives to get jobs, and never demand anything stereotypical from them. 
  3. American guys take good care of themselves. Sprucing up for their beautiful women is a casual thing for them. This includes doing some sports, avoiding bad habits, and conjuring up respectful behavior. A lot of men on dating websites boast nice appearances which they accompany with adequate dating views.
  4. Americans look for dating and marriage on specific mail-brides dating platforms. Ergo, the best foreign brides stumble upon potential partners who didn’t come here for pleasure and goofing around. Beautiful mail order brides match with guys who have the same dating expectations as them. American men are direct enough to confess whether they’re seeking anything serious or not. They don’t want to waste their and somebody’s time. 

Women from Which Countries Most Often Look for an American Man?

It’s high time I unraveled with you two things: in which foreign countries you as an American gain the most popularity and the top reasons for the local foreign ladies to seek out new dating opportunities in the United States.

These ladies sign up at international dating websites for personal reasons. But let’s be honest here: these reasons are connected. We, human beings desire simplicity and transparency in romantic relationships especially. Unfortunately, many foreign women lack it in their own countries. 

First, check out the top three countries with mesmerizing mail-order brides who are sick and tired of locals and eagerly match with Americans. 


Ukraine woman

Undoubtedly, Ukraine is the first on this list. A country of freedom-loving people and open-minded individuals. The current gruesome war conflict in Ukraine is one of the main reasons why local women want to marry American men. 

Still, this is not the only case as marriages between Ukrainian women and Americans were popular far before. The statistics in 2017 are mind-blowing – every 15th marriage in Ukraine was with an American citizen. 

Ukraine is one of the best countries to find a decent mail-order wife. Let’s pull away the beauty out of the context. Everything is much deeper here: now a lot of Ukrainian females on mail-order bride websites boast ideal character traits to sustain healthy long-term relationships. 

They are kind, respectful, world-minded, and independent. Tons of Ukrainian girls no longer fall into the trap of gender roles and stereotypical thinking. Unfortunately, a high number of Ukrainian men still expect them to do all the house chores and rely on their opinions only. Local women realize what it’s like to sustain boundaries and pursue sparky goals. 

Ukrainian girls for marriage admire the seriousness and equal life visions of American men. Ergo, girls from Ukraine choose American partners and easily assimilate into their lifestyle. They immigrate to the United States, find good jobs, and set up healthy connections with American spouses. 


Filipina women

No wonder, online dating offers a huge number of Filipina women who have valid reasons to date foreign husbands. 

Obviously, the Phillipines is a marvelous place proposing awe-inspiring getaways. Even though a lot of Filipinos state that their life quality has improved over the past year, local women still face the same issues. 

These issues make them look for international husbands. The best mail-order bride from the Philippines is looking for an American spouse for two main reasons: the general reluctance of local guys to create serious relationships and poverty. 

The concept of international dating in the Philippines is now taken as a common narrative as plenty of males prefer to stay solo than marry a woman. This problem is spreading among many Asian countries. 

And those men who marry women overwhelm them with endless obligations, like house chores and other tough jobs. 

Thankfully to mail-order bride sites local beautiful girls learned not to come to terms with this behavior and find decent American males who are ready to provide a good life for them. Life where she’s not supposed to do whatever he desires including raising children on her own while he’s making money. 


Latin-American women have had a long history of harassment and insults from the local guys. Mexican women during the last couple of years realized that they no longer need to sustain slavery relationships.

They can finally meet respectful and ambitious men from the United States, immigrate to their hometown, and live happily together. 

Gender-based violence against women in Mexico has become the final straw to change their lives and have a fresh start with a loving man. Americans, in the opinion of Mexican females, have the best qualities for amazing relationships: kindness, generosity, attentiveness, and support. 

If you’re looking for beautiful foreign ladies who know what they want and most importantly take action, Mexico is your top country in the following case. 

The second reason for a foreign girl from Mexico to match with an American lies in her desire to live in a better country: the place where you don’t have to worry about your safety constantly when you are heard and understood, and surely the place when you’re able to evolve as a personality in many spheres. 

Mexican foreign women seeking American men make real efforts to look amazing from the outside and develop effective dating traits from the inside. 

Advantages of Foreign Women over American Women

Getting a foreign bride is your top-notch decision. I won’t be gushing about them as the only females you should look for and decline American girls. The truth is, foreign women and American ladies have a lot in common but there are some situations when a foreign wife is going to become more appealing to you. 

  • Foreign women for marriage embrace their beauty in any clothing. Many Eastern European women as well as Latin-American girls and Asian females look stunning daily. And no, forget about high heels and tight jeans. Foreign women dab on casual clothing like American women but their natural beauty traits make them look stylish and impressive even in loose stuff. 
  • The best foreign women may be okay with some sort of gender roles. American girls might be too aggressive when it comes to doing house chores or cooking food. Some foreign ladies on the contrary love doing these acts of service for their spouses. In fact, plenty of foreign mail-order brides rely on their husbands financially as long as it doesn’t transform into a toxic attitude towards them. 
  • A foreign bride is more open about her past sex life and sex talk in general. Luckily, the world is changing for foreign girls and many of them understand that they shouldn’t feel embarrassed for the certain number of sex partners. Therefore, they easily talk about it and open up their sexual desires to males they’re affected by.

Some American females may be more shy and reluctant to talk about sex on dates with guys. 

Foreign Woman

Where to Meet a Foreign Woman Who is Looking for Marriage?

Desire to find foreign women? Travel online instead of leaving for the actual country. Mail-order bride services are the leading spots for matchmaking with the right partners via minutes. 

Let me explain to you the whole concept of mail-order bride industry right now as a lot of people might be suspicious of it. 

First of all, it’s almost the same as a typical international dating site: you gaze at the profiles, like them, and talk to girls online. However, mail-bride online dating services are designed for meeting foreign wives and husbands for the most part. 

Every guy looking for a foreign partner chooses the right platform, registers sets up a profile, and picks up the desired location. 

Secondly, buying a bride on a dating site has nothing to do with the actual purchase. It only means you should pay for your communication, whether it’s texting, sending gifts, or calls. American culture supports this route to building relationships with foreign partners as it’s easy, fast, and effective. 

Seeking foreign girls on the platforms is enjoyable as you opt for the type and appearance of the woman. Additionally, you match with a girl having the same dating perspectives as you. Women looking for American men on the top platforms don’t fool around. They are open to intimate and profound communication, say yes to real dates, and surely make you a part of their life permanently. 

If you want to find mail order brides ensure you’re using a reputable website that boasts reviews, ID verification, and responsive customer support. With these points, your dating experience with a wife overseas will ramp up providing you with the results you’ve always wanted. 

Kaida Hollister is a renowned journalist and expert in international dating, with a deep understanding of cross-cultural relationships. Her extensive background in cultural studies and journalism has led her to become a respected voice in the realm of international dating, where she offers insightful, research-driven advice on navigating the complexities of love across borders.
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